What we do?

The mission of the International Research Network on Physical Education and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion is the development of healthy habits in children and adolescents through Physical Education.



Examine the influence of teaching behaviors and pedagogical models on motivation, learning, and other consequences in Physical Education


Promote health-related behaviors from schools and, specifically, from Physical Education.


Generate synergies, between different national and international research groups, to promote quality research about Physical Education and the promotion of healthy habits.

This network aims to reinforce collaboration and scientific exchange between researchers, setting itself as priority challenges:

  • Agree on the fundamental principles that should govern the design, implementation, and evaluation of school programs to promote healthy habits to improve their effectiveness, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and transfer.
  • Evaluate the use of pedagogical models, motivational styles, and other promising intervention strategies to generate evidence to improve the quality of Physical Education classes.

Develop actions to transfer research to society and the scientific and professional field.

This network also intends that all the results derived from the research studies carried out are transferred to society. Specifically, training courses, videos, and training pills or good practice documents will be held for Physical Education teachers and professionals in physical activity and sports. Likewise, it is intended to disseminate the studies to the research community through scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, and publications. All information will be disseminated through our blog and social networks.


Improve healthy habits of young people and adolescents